Jul 14, 2015

Premios Juventud Party Sin Traducción

Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Premios Juventud (Youth Award) is one of my favorite Latin award shows. I remember always watching with my mom and taking in all the little details from the red carpet, performances and their creative awards such as "Most Electrifying Guy Jock" in the spor;ts category or "Catchiest Tune" of the year award. On the day Premios Juventud came on, I was allowed to do all my chores "Ahorrita" (later) because I did not want to miss any of the performances and awards. Now I like to keep the tradition of watching with my mom and those close to me, but I like to add a little more fun by hosting a small yet awesome and fun viewing party.

target Sin Traducción

target Sin Traducción

To get all of my party needs I went to my favorite one-stop-shop, Target. There I was able to get decor and snacks for the occasion and all for an amazing deal. With some creativity I was able to come up with some cute DIY decor and create a fun game to play while watching the red carpet and the performances.  I first stopped by the "Dollar Spot" and I immediately spotted some glitter black and gold numbers. I knew they were perfect for a viewing party game I had in mind. I purchased some cocktail straws and hot glued them on to the numbers. You can use these numbers during the red carpet and during each performance to score what you thought of each outfit and/or performance. It's a fun way to feel like you and your guests are part of the show and it can turn into a "relajo" (celebration) because we don't all always agree on everyone else’s scores. These are so easy to create and they make for fun photo props as well.

target Sin Traducción

Also at the "Dollar Spot" I found some gold washi tape and some adorable polka dot straws. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the washi tape but I knew that I would figure out how to incorporate it into my viewing party decor. As I made my way further into the store, I found a pack of clear Mason jars and I knew immediately that I was going to use the washi tape and the Mason jars together. The great thing about the tape is that all you need is a pair of scissors. Measure where you want to place the tape and cut, then, continue to measure and cut until you finish your desired pattern. For my mason jars I choose to go with vertical and horizontal stripes.

target Sin Traducción

I made a final stop at the grocery section of the store and got some chips to snack on and some soda for refreshments.  I also found a gold bowl to put the chips in, since I had already established that I was going to go with a black and gold theme for the party. In one quick trip I was able to get the essentials that I needed for my party. I love that I can continue to create a fun tradition while adding my own little touches. Premios Juventud  is definitely worth the "desvelo" (going past your bedtime) especially when you are having fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this easy, DIY and viewing party ideas.




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