May 26, 2015

Mothers Day Again

This is part of a sponsored campaign with P&G and Orgullosa However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job I will ever have. I never thought that I could love two little human beings so much. The day I became a mother was both the best day  and the scariest day of my life. I all of sudden had this huge responsibility and I kind of had to just learn as I went.  Although to be honest people are not kidding when they say,  a lot of it comes natural and you kind of just know what to do (sometimes) . Constantly thinking if your doing the right thing, being torn between what your doctor says and what your mom, grandma, aunts and uncles say and just wondering if you have made the right choices can be overwhelming but I've learned that those are all part of motherhood and I have come to terms that I will continue to worry for the rest of their lives for one thing or the other  and there is no changing that. My kids are my Orgullo (pride and joy).  They keep me busy, and sometimes they can drive me crazy, but then they do or say something that just melts my heart and a bad day suddenly turns into the most wonderful day ever.
So it is great to have a day where you are reminded that you are doing a good job and that all that you have done is appreciated, it is even nicer when you get to celebrate it twice in one month. In the Dominican Republic we celebrate mothers day on the last Sunday of the month and being a Dominican American my family always celebrated both cultures so we celebrate mothers  day twice. I love embracing both cultures and I love passing that down to my kids the same way my mom passed it down to me. We don't do anything Crazy we just get together with family and celebrate all the moms and it is an excuse to dress up and look pretty.
Being a mom of two I hardly get enough time to get dolled up, but thanks to Covergirl I only need three products to get me ready and looking Easy Breezy and fabulous in no time. My current favorites and must haves are the Colorlicious Lipstick, the Stay Brilliant nail polish and the Lash Blast volume mascara. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen the look I created using these amazing products.  The Colorlicious lipsticks come in 36 different shades grouped in four different color families of nudes, pinks, reds and plum. How fabulous is that? you can have a different lipstick color on, one for each day of the month and then some. The Stay Brilliant nail polish comes in 38 different brilliant shades for you to get creative with any design you want and it combines a base coat, high-gloss color and a chip resistant top coat, perfect for the Mami who like me is constantly washing bottles, giving baths and washing hands. Being able to feel good an look good are very important and I think all moms should be able to have a moment to take care of themselves even if that is for one day. I want to wish all Moms a wonderful mothers day, because to me Mothers day should be everyday! and a very special Mothers day to my strong and beautiful Dominican mothers.
Below I will leave you with a very special video that my Daughter and I were a part of. Get your tissues ready because this one is a tear jerker.
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