Apr 17, 2015

Leaving a Long Lasting Impression

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Caress forever collection body wash
Besides putting together the right outfit, one of my favorite ways to leave a long lasting impression and feel fabulous wherever I go, is by adding fragrance. Out of all our senses, scent is the most closely related to memory. We all know of a scent (hopefully a nice smelling one) that reminds us of someone and every time you come across that scent, that person comes to mind or it takes you back to a moment you spent with that person. That is exactly why I am constantly searching for skin care products with an amazing long lasting scent.  If you are like me, and you love smelling good and receiving compliments on your scent, you will love the new Caress® Forever Collection body wash products "Love forever™" and "Adore Forever™". 

The Caress® Forever Collection body wash promises a long lasting irresistible fragrance released on touch for up to 12 hours. This definitely caught my attention and I couldn't wait to test it out. I tried the "Love Forever™" first.  It is made up of a bouquet of rich floriental sweetness blended with lush dark berries and freshly picked scarlet Red Rose. Pretty much a whole lot of sensual and luxurious scents combined to make you feel and smell super sexy.  I spent an entire day touching my arms and being pleasantly surprised every single time, because it really does work. The next day, although I was tempted to continue using "Love Forever™" I went on to try  "Adore Forever™" --this one has touches of melting honey, vanilla and amber, infused with elegant petals of “Angel Face” Rose. This combination of scents screams flirty and sweet and I am obsessed with this one. It smells so good and best of all, it really made an impression on the hubby. I used the "Adore Forever™" body wash 0before going to bed and it instantly caught his at
]\tention, and he loved it. Needless to say "Adore Forever™" became my favorite of the two. 

Caress® has long been one of my favorite body wash brands; I knew they were not going to disappoint with The Caress® Forever Collection body wash products and I was right. They definitely left a long lasting "scentual" and "unforgettable" impression on me. 
Let me know what are some of your favorite ways to make an impression in the comments below.


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  1. I love these body washes - the fragrance is amazing and I love how long lasting it is!