Dec 2, 2012

Beanie Hat

Sweater: Gap (old), Jeans: Express (old), Jacket: Zara, Hat: Zara, Shoes:Aldo, Necklace:Lola Blue the Closet, Bracelets:Lola Blue the Closet

I was out running errands and the wind was just out of control and cold. So I stopped at Zara and got myself this fabulous little knit beanie, it is super adorable and I love the way it looks. A lot of people that know me are probably shocked, I am not a fan of winter and I am always under dressed for the cold. I never wear hats that protect from the cold, so this is new for me. 



  1. I literally GASPED when I saw your shoes. Beautiful, girl! I'm with you on the winter thing - I hate it, so I pretend it doesn't exist and I underdress and I freeze my buns off. I'm gonna make some baby steps with tights and boot socks ;) Great look!

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  2. Samantha, they are on sale!! It was love at first sight when I saw them ;)